#ФудбалНаПрва is an initiative launched on the social media by the Football Club Osogovo but also supported by most of the football clubs, fans and football lovers. The idea for creating this challenge is to raise awareness among the national public broadcasting companies in order for the domestic league to be promoted, the companies to explore a possibility for TV commercials, sponsorship and financial backing of the clubs as well as possibility of the fans and audience to get well informed about the quality of the teams, players and the league.

This is not only a call and a challenge for the media TV companies and the Football federation of Macedonia to get involved with TV match coverage, but also for the clubs themselves to take an active role in reaching this goal.

For covering a match on TV, it is necessary that there is an infrastructure, camera places, stable connection with plugs, providing a media corner where players would give statements before and after the matches as well as a conference room for official statements and announcements by the clubs. By accepting this idea, the clubs are committed to organize the entire process to make the TV coverage possible.

For now, this challenge and idea is supported by the following clubs:

“What do we want?

  • Match coverage or multicoverage of the 1.MFL matches, the Macedonian Cup as well as highlights of 2.MFL
  • Match coverage of the round derby done with few cameras and multicoverage of the rest of the matches with at least 2 cameras
  • Open studio with planned scenario before and after each round, possibility for having experts, players and fans as guests
  • Special statistical league overview
  • Round overview and choosing the best in each category
  • Interactivity and games with the guests and the audience
  • Promoting the Macedonian football

What do we get?

  • Bigger audience at the football matches
  • Sponsors and more finances at the clubs as well as at the TV houses who opt to broadcast
  • Improvement of the stadium infrastructure
  • Improvement of the quality of the football in Macedonia
  • Bringing the audience back to the stadiums
  • Interactions between the clubs and the spectators

We are greeting the efforts of FFM and Skenderovski Production to provide Internet streaming, but this does not fulfill the complete reaching of one professional federation in a cooperation with a public TV service. We are asking the audience to be more up to date and directly to involve in the game that we all love and the game that unite us!

Take part of this campaign! Support us!

We encourage all football clubs and persons that want to publicly support us in this idea to do it by using the hashtag #ФудбалНаПрва (meaning FootballOnTV or BroadcastingFootball) on social media, to join at Twitter with suggestions and comments as well as to follow the entire progress of this challenge to the mentioned national public broadcasting companies and FFM.